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Get custom fit packaging.

Made to size, specifically designed to protect your product and eliminate damage during shipping. No dimensions are too specific, no shape too odd. We always provide a prototype so you can see first hand how your packaging will look.

Protect Your Product

Protect Your Product

Reduce Shipping Costs

Reduce Shipping Costs

Promote Your Brand

Promote Your Brand

Tired of dealing with customer complaints because your product was damaged during shipping...

We know that high costs are associated with shipping damage, dealing with customer complaints over damaged products from shipping can be really disheartening and frustrating at times. We can help mitigate and eliminate extra costs by creating custom packaging that fits your specifications exactly. No more dealing with standard sizes and filling in gaps with lousy packaging material.


Our experience with McDonald Packaging was absolutely a dream! We were using a generic box and stamping our logo on the side as well as a keep cold stamp on the end. It was time consuming and not that professional looking! The ordering process with the McDonald Packaging team was easy, quick, and very competitive pricing! We are so happy with our new boxes :) Thanks!

Teresa & the Booch Crew POP CULTURE BREWING CO.

If you're frustrated with standard packaging or are just plain done with trying to do it yourself...


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    After you get your customized quote, if you are still unsure we will make up a sample for you.

  • Enjoy Your New Packaging

    Once you are comfortable with everything then all you have to do is submit your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote! Depending on the size of the order we can have it done anytime - ranging from as little as 2 days to 2 weeks.


McDonald Packaging

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McDonald Packaging is our preferred carton provider; their customer service is truly outstanding. They have found a way to be competitively priced with the local giants, while keeping the speed, flexibility, and personal touch that separates them. They work hand in hand with us to innovate our packaging, improve our ordering efficiency, and to optimize their production for us to keep costs in line. McDonald truly are more of a partner than a supplier!

Jeff Bainbridge, P.Eng. NTI BOILERS

We offer quick and customizable products to suit all of your packaging needs.

Personalization, like a company logo, is available. We'll even do ONE box - we don't have a minimum!

What Makes McDonald Packaging Different?

McDonald Packaging stands out from the crowd because as a small business we have the flexibility to be there when you need us most. When those big companies mess up and you need to get out of a jam ASAP, we will be there to help. Instead of dealing with damage during shipping, and dealing with upset customers because your product arrived less than 100% intact, you can feel confident knowing that your packaging has been specially made to fit and protect your product.

Protect your product, avoid damage during shipping, and get your brand out there with our high quality printing and colours. With small quantity orders available (maybe you only need 5 boxes - or maybe you only need one!) you can count on McDonald Packaging to get the job done quickly and at the highest quality.



McDonald Packaging has worked closely with us on numerous projects. The team is responsive to our every need and strive to deliver all orders on time. They expanded their warehouse size to ensure they have large quantities of our packaging on hand, enabling SureShot to successfully execute potential roll-outs of our equipment, without delay. It’s a pleasure to work with McDonald Packaging.

Jeff Tofflemire, Technical Buyer SURESHOT SOLUTIONS

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