Honeycomb Packaging -

From (15,000 lbs) rolls of paper to electronic equipment we have the solution. Our Honeycomb allows you to ship “Green” to your customers.


Our Honeycomb packaging is made from recycled paper and is environmentally friendly. It is durable and versatile and comes in various thicknesses and strengths to allow our sales team to customize packaging for your existing or new products. The sizes and weights of your products do not matter as we will make it work.

Die-Cut Honeycomb

Honeycomb can be die-cut into many designs for protective packaging such as corners, inserts, end-caps etc. Some of the products using our Honeycomb die-cut packaging are: furniture (assembled & ready to be assembled), steel cabinets, mechanical parts, computers, electronic units etc.

Honeycomb Void

Honeycomb voids are used mainly for securing loads for transport. Some applications are: airbag buffers, pallet fillers, large railcar voids, pallet double stacking buffers etc. Some products using Honeycomb for shipments by truck, rail, or boat are: beer, lumber, rolls of paper etc.






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